SGA collects 40 units of blood in their biannual blood drive


Emily Wyrwa

On Wednesday, Nov 13, the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted its first blood drive of the 2019-2020 school year. The event was a massive success; students’ donations accumulated to over 40 units of blood. 
SGA’s blood drives are a bi-annual event in which 16, 17 and 18-year-old students are eligible to donate blood during the school day. SGA partners with the New Jersey Blood Coordinator for the school to publicize and organize the drive. 
“I would hope that [students] would want to [donate] again and that they felt it wasn’t scary and to come back and to continue to do this throughout their life,” Elyse Freudenfels, SGA supervisor, said. 
In New Jersey, there is currently a blood shortage. NJ Blood Services has issued urgent calls for donors in the past few months. Not only has there been an increase in the demand for blood, but a decrease in the number of donors. 
“This is something that teenagers can do,” Freudenfels said. “A lot of times we think that ‘Oh I can’t do anything I’m too young.’ This is something you can totally do and feel good about. It’s safe here; we have the blood services people, we have a nurse, and it’s a very safe environment and I think that this is a way that people can give back to the community.” 
The second blood drive of the school year will be held in March or April of 2020, and Freudenfels encourages students to donate if they are able. 
“[The goal is] to get as many donors as possible in a healthy way and that people feel good after donating so that they may want to donate in the future even beyond school,” Freudenfels said. “That’s why we tell people to make sure they eat a good meal for breakfast, for dinner, to drink lots of water to stay hydrated because we want them to have a good experience. Also, you feel really good when you donate. Every blood fusion requires a donor, so if you need 10 blood fusions you need 10 people to donate blood or you need 10 pints. People really feel like they’re doing a good deed.”
SGA encourages eligible students to consider donating in their spring blood drive.