Students and families explore their futures at College and Career Night


Julia Sassoon

Scotch Plains Fanwood High School’s 68th annual College and Career Night took place on Tuesday, Nov 12. The event ran from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in both gymnasiums and the Multi-Purpose Room. 
This night allowed students and families to gain valuable information from a variety of attending schools. Here, attendees learned about school programs, admission requirements, costs, social aspects and more. Official representatives and alumni were present to provide their personal insight and advice on their respective schools.
“It was a very informative experience,” junior Janandre Castro said. “I learned a lot of different things that I did not know before about my desired colleges.”
In addition to colleges and universities, multiple trade schools were in attendance. Some of these included the Artistic Academy of Hair Design and the duCret School of Art. For students interested in joining the armed forces, a few coast guard, military and naval academies were present as well.
College and Career Night was also a great opportunity for students to make personal connections at schools they are considering. Many students were able to converse with school representatives and exchange contact information for future communication.
“[College and Career Night] allowed me to gain information from a wide variety of colleges that I would not have the opportunity to visit otherwise,” senior Lexa Winigrad said. “I liked talking to representatives to learn more about the schools.”
College and Career Night aided an abundance of students in narrowing down their college search. Students and families had the chance to experience a multitude of colleges, universities and trade schools without physically visiting the schools.