SPFHS celebrates Mole Day


Hannah Kriney

On Oct. 23, students all around the school celebrated Mole Day during their chemistry classes and carried this celebration into their other classes as well. Mole day is designed to focus around only the mole, which represents 6.02*10^23 and is celebrated on Oct. 23 from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m. to represent the number. 
“Mole Day seems like a very fun way to teach the student body more about moles and get them engaged in chemistry while keeping it interesting,” junior Ava Hausle said. 
To celebrate several students were seen wearing white shirts with designs made with a sharpie and rubbing alcohol and the words “Mole Day” written across the shirt along with the number it represents. Furthermore, students, teachers, and faculty all over the school were asked to guess the number of moles in the chem students’ container of water. With varying results ranging all over the place, the winner is given a mole day pencil to celebrate their winning guess. 
“I think that it is a fun way to inform the school about moles and chemistry,” junior Natalie Mikula said. “Having students as well as teachers being able to guess and win a prize encourages others to want to learn more about Mole Day and determined to win a prize next year.”
During all lunch periods, students were given the opportunity to guess how many moles were in a giant jug of water. To continue the festivities, some chemistry teachers also played Jeopardy with their students and made posters to hang in the hallway.