Innovation and entertainment storm the summer of 2019


Jordan Katz

The summer of 2019 presented new trends and forms of entertainment that gained traction as the season went by. Some have continued to grow even as summer ended:
Fashion is constantly changing and new trends are always happening, one major trend of summer 2019 includes midi skirts.  Over the summer midi skirts have gained popularity and has caught everyone’s eye. Midi skirts are appropriate for all ages and are a very cute yet modest clothing item that dresses up any plain top.
While virtual reality has experienced its ups and downs in recent years, it has faced significant increases in popularity as of recently. With advanced VR technology, anyone is able to put on the headset and pretend that they are inside of a whole new world. With the possible experiences, it is no wonder that its community has grown so fast over the summer months. 
Ever since the show first appeared on Netflix in 2016, it has rocketed to stardom and the third season was released in the summer of 2019. “I was drawn to the plot because I think the conspiracy surrounding Hawkins Lab is very similar to other conspiracies and secrets that the government is hiding from us,” junior Amit Deshpande said. The show had ingrained itself into entertainment so much that it has broken Netflix viewership records. 
This past August Taylor Swift released her seventh album named “Lover”. Compared to her other work, this album is the first to start a political stand and address an issue Swift feels strongly about. “The songs are well written as always and I love the message of the album: positivity and inclusivity,” junior Ciara Worthey said. Her music video to her song “You Need to Calm Down” included a message that it is time for society to treat people of the LGBTQ community with respect and as equals. Swift also attached a petition to this song that asks for an Equality Act that will protect the LGBTQ community from discrimination in work, school, etc.