How to earn money during the summer


Erica Schindler

Everyone wants to earn a little extra money when then can, and high school students are no different. There are many ways that students can make some money while school is out during the summer. Whether the goal is to save for college or just have more spending money, follow these tips to earn some money this summer.
Although it seems obvious, the first thing that comes to mind is to get a steady summer job. For students who don’t already have a part-time job all year, considering looking for a place to work during the summer. This can include camps, community pools, ice cream shops and places that need extra help during the summer months.
Luckily, these jobs often do not require any experience, making them perfect for students looking for work for the first time. Try to apply for these summer jobs as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of being hired. However, sometimes deadlines are missed or schedules are too busy for a steady job. When this is the case, there are many other ways to earn money here and there.
Babysitting is a classic teenager job; it’s something that’s always in demand and can be pretty fun, too. To find a family to babysit for, first ask around in case any neighbors or family members are in need of a sitter. If not, consider posting to a website like or a parenting group on Facebook.
Similar to babysitting, house-sitting and dog-walking are great jobs for teens. Look for a couple people in town that need these services every so often and contact them. The same approach that can be used for finding babysitting jobs can also be utilized here. After working for somebody once, chances are they will want your services again.
Finally, another way to earn extra cash is by doing yard work for others. Hang signs around the neighborhood advertising any services you’re willing and able to offer; mowing lawns, planting flowers, watering plants, picking weeds and so on. Good luck!