New binge worthy shows to spend your summer watching


Alexa Melnitsky

The Society
The Society premiered on Netflix in the beginning of May, and it’s mysterious plot tied in with typical teen show tropes has proven to be a strong theme for the show. Featuring an ensemble cast, The Society is about a group of teens who, after returning from a school trip, struggle to survive when transported to a version of their hometown with no trace of their parents. The teens grapple with many problems, such as trying to figure out what happened to their parents and forming a self-governed community. As this is a teen drama, other problems are present in their lives as well, including pregnancy, drug addiction, abusive relationships, and sexuality. The Society is a mix of a mystery and teen drama that will leave viewers shocked after the ending.
Dead to Me
Dead to Me, starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, features the explosive relationship between a new widow and a new friend. The show dives into both of their lives, their relationships with other people, and more importantly, their relationship with each other. It’s difficult to explain anymore of the show without giving it away, but does eventually explain a shocking secret. Dead to Me is a dark comedy that explores themes such as death, love, friendship, and wealth. Dead to Me is available to stream on Netflix.
Chernobyl is a dramatic retelling of the nuclear plant explosion and its aftereffects that occurred in the Soviet Union in April 1986. It is based on stories told by those living in the area at the time, and also features more of the unknown stories of the disaster. Though there are some historical inaccuracies, Chernobyl, featuring an ensemble cast, shines a telling light on the disaster that was the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Chernobyl is available to stream on HBO.