SPF seniors get creative with interesting senior projects


Natalia Nervi

Senior projects provide a fun and interesting way for students to explore one of their interests or even a possible future career. Starting on May 20, 2019, some seniors of Scotch Plains – Fanwood High School chose to explore something that they are passionate about through their senior projects. This year, 43 seniors will be leaving SPFHS behind to spend time on an exceptional project or partake in educational experiences. Sara Barshap, Olivia Hausle, Sarah Gorman, Audrey Smith and Chloe Nelson are five seniors who decided to participate in senior projects this year.
Sara Barshap: Music teaching internship at Terrill Middle School
Is teaching music something you see yourself doing in the future?
While I am not majoring in music, I am participating in a lot of music activities in college to prepare myself for potentially teaching music privately in the future. I currently teach a lot of younger kids in the district because I am very passionate about teaching, so it is definitely something I want to pursue after college.

What are you hoping to gain from this experience?
I’m hoping to gain a better understanding of the thought that goes into teaching music, especially to younger students. I’d love to have a better visualization of the work that goes into teaching both in and out of the classroom, and how music teachers create their programs for the year.
Olivia Hausle- Painting a mural promoting student positivity
What is the meaning behind your mural?
It’s basically [a mural] promoting positivity and kindness. It will feature a big quote that says “Nice to be nice,” so when people pass it they can remind people to be nice to everybody everyday, and hopefully it will inspire small acts of kindness.
What are your hopes for the project?
That we finish! When we leave, I would like to know that we left our mark on the school and it will still be there when I’m gone.
Sarah Gorman: Student teaching at Park Middle School
What made you interested in student teaching?
I was interested in student teaching because I had always been curious if a career in education would be right for me, and I would have the opportunity to help teach music.

Do you see yourself teaching in the future?
I definitely see myself teaching music at some point in the future, even if it’s not when I get right out of college.
Chloe Nelson: Shadowing an Orthopedic Surgeon:
What kinds of things will you be doing as a shadow?
During my time shadowing Dr. Ryan, an Orthopedic surgeon, I will be observing doctors appointments, post operation check ups and surgeries within the Edison Metuchen Orthopedic Group’s surgery center. I will also be assisting patients to their exam rooms before appointments. While in each appointment, I will be observing and taking notes on each patient’s treatment course and final diagnosis. When Dr. Ryan is not with a patient, he will show me how to properly scan documents. The last thing I will be doing is sitting in on surgeries Dr. Ryan performs.

Do you see yourself being an orthopedic surgeon or something in that field in the future?
As I go through college, I hope to become a nurse- and although I do not want to be a surgeon I would like to become an Orthopedic or a nurse.