Week Three: “CreateMoreSmiles” Etsy Shop


Melanie Litwin

First and foremost, if you missed the articles from week one and week two, be sure to check them out! In them, I discussed my senior project of a nonprofit Etsy shop, “CreateMoreSmiles.” These articles explained why I decided on this project and information about the shop, but I think it is essential that I discuss the actual charity to which the money is donated.
All proceeds from “CreateMoreSmiles” go toward the Girls Opportunity Alliance. This organization is a program of the Obama Foundation that strives to provide adolescent girls across the world with the education they need and deserve. In doing so, they can bring real change to their communities and lives. To achieve this goal, the Foundation brings visibility to and connects grassroots leaders that are already working to give these girls educational opportunities. The Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund was launched with GoFundMe in order to provide these leaders with the financial support they need to help increase education and fund their various programs.
The Girls Opportunity Alliance is all about helping adolescent girls feel empowered and assisting them in reaching their full potential. However, these education projects would not be possible without donations.
My Etsy shop, “CreateMoreSmiles,” not only serves to raise funds for this organization, but in doing so it is also raising awareness. It encourages people to learn more and become involved. If you want to learn more about the organization, you can go to: https://www.obama.org/girlsopportunityalliance/about/ and if you want to support this cause, check out my shop! www.etsy.com/shop/CreateMoreSmiles.