Famous feline “Grumpy Cat” dies at age 7


Abby Conklin

On the morning of Tuesday, May 14th, the famous “Grumpy Cat” passed away. The cat had been dealing with a urinary tract infection that was too difficult for her to get through. Despite the assistance from multiple professional veterinarians, she fortunately died peacefully at age seven.
Grumpy cat became an internet celebrity in September of 2012 because of her feline dwarfism. This caused her face to have a “grumpy” look. She has a Youtube channel that is run by her owner and her owners brother.
“I have always loved all of the Grumpy Cat memes and I will miss her very much,” sophomore Serena Sirchio said.
This cat will be missed by all because she was able to bring joy to many lives. All of her memes brought happiness into those who saw them. Grumpy Cat will forever be able to help her fans get through their tough times regardless of her not being there.