Famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris goes up in flames


Erica Schindler

On April 15 and 16, the famous and beloved Notre Dame Cathedral located in Paris, France went up in flames. The fire quickly spread throughout the building’s attic and spir; a 300-foot structure on top of the cathedral. The roof of Notre Dame eventually collapsed as a result of the fire.
The cause of the fire has yet to been officially determined. The fire started while the cathedral was undergoing construction. Some of the church is now destroyed, but much of it thankfully still remains. Much of the original structure avoided damage and is still standing.
Notre Dame is one of France’s most famous monuments. It is an example of French Gothic architecture, and the building was built in 1163.
As one of the most famous landmarks for travelers from around the world, the partial destruction of the cathedral was a sad moment for many. People took to social media to share photos and memories of Notre Dame.
Some notable millionaires and billionaires, as well as ordinary citizens, have pledged to donate money to help rebuild the historic church. This sparked praise from some, but backlash from others who said that their money could be better used for other causes.
Overall, this tragedy has caused much of the world to come together in hopes of rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral and keeping the rich history of the church alive.