Teachers rally for a new contract at SPF


Shannon Persaud

Teachers rallied outside Scotch Plains- Fanwood High school on Thursday Jan. 31 before the school day even began. Right outside the doors of SPF, teachers were fighting for a fair deal for both teachers and students.
“All over the country we are seeing larger class sizes, rehashing of old materials and facilities that have been damaged,” science teacher Matthew Ritter said. “Teachers all over the country are wearing red to support each other and show the community that we all here for the successful conditions for students.”
If you have seen a staff member wearing red on Wednesdays, they are participating in #redfored. This movement is for teachers to show their solidarity and their commitment to learning and the prosperity of the students.
For this school year, the teachers are not under their usual contract. This contract is what gives teachers their yearly raise and protects them from unfair changes in their pay or insurance. The teacher contract typically covers working from 7:53 to 2:53. Most teachers and staff are here before the school day begins and after the school day ends to help students and get ready for their day. 
“The staff has not seen a real raise in eight years,” marketing teacher and FBLA supervisor Bethany Henry said. “We want to put up a united front and show the school board that we stand together.”
Staff members pay for classroom supplies, staff hours after school to work with students and go above and beyond to make sure students succeed.  Teacher’s want to stand together and fight for their fair pay and recognition for their efforts.
“We really want to show that all the school together are a united community,” Ritter said. 
The teachers have continued rallying outside the doors of SPF; on Wednesday February 13, teachers stood strong to fight for their contracts. This continued effort shows the dedication and passion these teachers have for education reforms. Out in the frigid cold before some students even wake up, teachers are here advocating not only what is fair to teachers but what is fair for students.
If you want to show solidarity with your teachers where red on Wednesday’s to show our support for #redfored!