Observing the 74th Holocaust Remembrance Day


Hannah Kriney

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, on Jan. 27, is a day dedicated to honoring the millions of people who died in the Holocaust.  To participate in this day of remembrance, people all across the world have honored those who died in their own memorable ways.
This year marks the 74th anniversary of this international holiday. This holiday was created to commemorate one of the largest genocides in history with a loss of an estimated 17 million people, six million being only Jews. Holocaust Remembrance Day was established by the United Nations in hopes that everyone can forever honor those who died in the Holocaust and remind people of the horrible time that happened only 74 years ago.
“Although times have changed, people should still learn about the Holocaust because it was such a brutal time period and the scenes of what happened to many people need to be remembered,” Rebecca Lancaster, sophomore at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, said.
People from the United States to Germany have used this day to perform their own traditions to respect the lives of those lost in the genocide. In one of the main concentration camps during the Holocaust, Auschwitz, survivors gathered from near and far to participate in a wreath laying ceremony to remind our society today to not repeat the same mistakes made in our history.
Also, each year the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum hosts a commemoration for the holiday that includes reflections from Holocaust survivor, Louise Lawrence-Israëls.  This event also includes a prayer said by another Holocaust survivor, Harry Markowicz. In addition to the prayers and reflections, the museum also participates in screening a documentary called “Who Will Write Our History?” which is simultaneously screened in 30 countries on that same day.
Every year people all across the world gather together to remember the horrific time and to remember the innocent people who fell into the hands of Hitler and his Nazis. This day is crucial for our society because by reminding people about all the horrors that happened during the Holocaust so we can ensure a safer and smarter society now and for the future.