DECA students explore the business world on Kean University trip


Julia Sassoon

On Friday, Jan. 4, members of the DECA club from all grades attended the annual field trip to Kean University. The students visited to compete in the annual regional competition for the Central East District Conference.
At the competition, DECA students posed as important business figures and performed business/marketing presentations in front of a team of judges. During this, students were presented with a scenario and had to demonstrate the best solution through their speaking and collaboration abilities, as well as charts and graphs. Most presentations lasted around 15 minutes, with ranging preparation time depending on the event. The students were able to compete as individuals or in team events.
Students competed in various events based on their preferred aspects of business. Some of these events included Apparel and Accessories, Buying and Merchandising, Entrepreneurship, Financial Consulting, Principles of Hospitality, Principles of Marketing, Professional Selling and Sports Marketing.
“It was great to get more experience in business and I can’t wait to continue my business career in the future,” junior Brett Strug said.
On this trip, students gained real-life experience in the fields of business and marketing and improved their skills for careers later in life. Following the presentations, students enjoyed lunch on campus in Kean University dining halls and other locations.
“Overall it was a really fun day,” junior Tara Wolman said. “Every year I think we gain more and more skills having to do with business and communication.”
The students’ performance during the competition determined the teams/individuals that will be advancing to the state competition in February. To find out the participants that qualified for the state competition, visit @spfhsdeca on Instagram!