Model UN meets to practice for upcoming conference


Vivian Chiang

On Dec. 12, Model UN, a club imitating the United Nations, met in the cafeteria for a mock session as practice for the real thing. The Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School chapter of Model UN will be going to Hershey, PA, for their official conference on Jan. 4, 5, and 6.
Each student is assigned a country and a more specific committee. Different committees have different agendas and topics that they want to pursue during the session. Students have to write a research paper on how the issue relates to their country in preparation for the conference.
The main topic for the evening was climate change. Students had to choose and write a resolution that would resolve the issue in a way that best benefitted their assigned country and committee.
The resolution that was decided upon was to create a machine that would suck all the carbon monoxide out of the air and into space. Since it was the practice session, this is not the answer they will be using for the official conference.
Model UN’s secondary topic was meant to be more of a fun topic, which resulted in it being significantly less likely to actually happen. The situation presented was related to the Avengers, and what would be done if the villain Thanos was able to eliminate half of the world’s population.
This topic, albeit impossible to happen in reality, still served its purpose at the session. The purpose is not entirely to give input on actual issues, and is more so geared towards practice. This exercise helped those participating learn to use parliamentary procedures and prepare resolutions prior to the conference.