DECA and SMAC team up for Bandana Day


Shruti Khandelwal

DECA and Student Movement Against Cancer collaborated for the first time ever and held Bandana Day at Scotch Plains – Fanwood High School on Nov. 28th, 2018. The event was in support the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation. This was the first time that our high school has donated to this charity.
According to DECA President Lauren Kieltyka and SMAC President Clara Masbeck, the idea of Bandana Day came from Ms.Boyce and a conference that DECA attended.
This event benefited our high school by allowing its students to donate to a charity for cancer patients. Students also realized that every little bit of effort helps.
“100% of each bandana purchased goes back to the amazing charity.” DECA president Lauren Kieltyka confirmed.
The Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation is also known as Mission Victorious. Members that take part in this mission raise money and awareness for teens battling cancer. They also help set up teen centers at hospitals across the country.
“The foundation was started in honor of a south Jersey teen Alicia Rose,” Kieltyka explained. “When Alicia was battling cancer she wanted to attend school and when she would go to school she would wear a bandana. After her death many schools around her town and her school started to add a bandana day to their spirit week in honor of Alicia. Still to this day many southern jersey high schools take part in bandana day.”
DECA and SMAC hoped to accomplish spreading awareness and compassion about cancer in teens and Mission Victorious through Bandana Day.
“Bandana day is great because the teens in our school get to understand that someone just like them is going through the awful disease. It’s teens supporting teens.” SMAC President Clara Masbeck said.
Let’s look forward to supporting this charity and many more to come to our high school.