‘Tis the season to go shopping


Gabby Lancaster

Tips for Black Friday:
Go in with an idea of what you want
Black Friday can be overwhelming, with hundreds of pairs of shoes, accessories and clothes; along with items that are not necessary, but very tempting.  Before you go shopping, write a quick list of specific things you’re looking for, whether it’s that expensive jacket you’ve had your eye on, or a new TV for your room.  While you’re in stores, refer to the list so that you don’t purchase things you don’t need and so you can prioritize.
Think about what you need
It can be hard to resist a great deal, especially when it’s a pricey store.  But ask yourself if you really need that $300 pair of jeans when you already have a million.  Amazing price or not-don’t buy something that you already have, or that you would never wear or use.  
When in doubt, don’t
The rush of Black Friday can be stressful, but don’t forget to try things on, specifically clothes and shoes.  If you love it, buy it, but if you’re unsure, don’t.
Plan for how much you want to spend
Black Friday means tons and tons of amazing deals on the best items, but if you’re not careful you could end up spending way more than you should.  After thinking of what type of items you’re looking for, think about how much you’d be willing to spend on said items.
Shop for multiple seasons
Black Friday may be in the winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stock up for other times of the year.  There might not be as many options, but it doesn’t hurt to look. Especially since most of the out-of-season pieces are already on sale, there will be an even bigger discount with Black Friday.  
Keep the holiday season in mind
Black Friday kicks off the Holiday season, making it the perfect occasion for gift shopping.  Instead of just purchasing items for yourself, think about what you might want to get your best friends or your parents.  Don’t wait till the last minute when there’s more options and better prices around Black Friday.
Tips for Cyber Monday:
Always remember online shopping comes with shipping
Now this might seem obvious, but on Cyber Monday people get caught in the midst of all the great savings and sales and stores can take advantage.  Stores can charge you a great deal for shipping, while most stores on Cyber Monday provide free shipping, but not all do so pay close attention when checking out.
Don’t forget about promo codes/coupons!
On Cyber Monday there’s already tons of sales and discounts that will help you save money, but in the chaos of it all people often forget about promo codes that could be found online.  More often than not there are multiple promo codes shoppers can use to get an even bigger discount on their purchase.
Continuously check your email
Most online shops are now starting their Cyber Monday sales earlier than the actual day itself.  When their Cyber Monday sales start, members are often emailed to let them know when a big sale is happening, so don’t forget to check your email!
Prepare beforehand
With online shopping you can put items into your cart and leave them there for days and this is most helpful for when Cyber Monday comes around.  Having the items you already want in the cart means you don’t have to worry about having to find all the items and getting distracted by other products in the process.
Use a rewards website
Ordering through websites such as eBates can help you earn money while online shopping!  By using these type of websites, depending on the store, the website will give you a certain percent of what you paid for, back.  Let’s say you pay $25 for a jacket and you go through eBates and it says 20% cash back, you will be receiving $5 back after your purchase!
Check social media
Sometimes stores will use their various social media platforms to give their followers certain discounts or promo codes, so keep an eye out for any Cyber Monday activity happening on their social media platforms.