DECA hosts eye opening simulation


Giancarlo Castro

On Nov. 11, DECA held their annual car crash simulation for the senior class during their physical education periods. Running throughout the course of the day, seniors Lauren Barth, Kate Lamendola and Matthew Mahmet all acted out the horrors of distracted or intoxicated driving.
 It started with Lamendola exiting the driver’s seat of the demolished vehicle, blood on her face and frantic. She calls for her “deceased” friend, Lauren, who is unresponsive. The simulation continues with the arrival of medical attention services and police officers, along with the mothers of all of those who are involved in the accident. The Scotch Plains and Fanwood EMTs, police officers and firefighters all played a role, responding exactly as if it were a real drunk driving accident. If students listened closely, they could hear the radio conversations between each department and communications between frantic parents and the first responders.
The simulation was intended to show new drivers the possible outcome of poor decisions, especially before college next year.
 As the scene played out, the audience of about 20 students were silent, sobered by the reality of the consequences that could happen as a result of driving under the influence.
“We just hope to get one message across: Pay Attention,” Fanwood Police Officer Bernard said. “We really hope that students are paying attention.”