The science departments’ best and brightest help students with their work


Stephanie Colinders

This year, the students of the science department have formed an SPFHS Science Lab. Centered around helping biology, chemistry, and physics students, this lab takes place after school on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 2:30 to 3:00 in room 140.
During this time period, both Junior and Senior AP students assist their peers with homework, test preparation, and reviewing concepts gone over in class. Many students have found the lab to be beneficial for receiving extra help in their classes.
“I love how available the kids are, and that there are so many people willing to help on a number of science topics.” Junior Mia Cimino said.
Cimino is a physics student, and — like many others — takes advantage of this opportunity to learn from more experienced students. Unlike a regular tutoring session, the Science Lab is free, interactive, and student-run.
This has its benefits, because being taught by those who have already taken the class means that they know exactly which material is being covered, how it is being taught, and can even share insider tips and tricks to succeeding in each specific class.
Plus, having students work together to help other students fosters a community-like environment where everybody is actively involved and engaged.
“It’s cool to get more than one explanation for things,” Cimino said. “Like if one student is not explaining something quite right another student can step in and it just creates a good learning atmosphere.”
Although the Science Lab has not been going on for very long, it has already attracted a lot of positive attention from the student body. So far, it has proven to be a great form of extra-help for the SPFHS students.
Interested in attending? For more information about the program go to Mr. Krip’s room after school to join in on the science fun!