"Joanne" Shows Off Gaga's Boundless Talent


   Lady Gaga released her fifth studio album, “Joanne,” after a two-year wait since “Cheek to Cheek,” her collaborative jazz album featuring Tony Bennett, was released. Gaga showcases strong vocals and even stronger lyrics as she describes the story of an imperfect love story.
   Throughout her history as an artist, Gaga has experimented with multiple forms of music. Her first studio album, “The Fame,” includes up-tempo pop anthems such as “Bad Romance,” “Telephone,” and “Just Dance.”  “Joanne” is a stark contrast, as Gaga brings fans an album with songs that have more of a country flare.

The Rundown:

   Gaga begins the album with ‘Diamond Heart,’ a song that sets the mood for the entire album, one that showcases her vocals in a slow paced way. Later on, Gaga includes upbeat songs such as ‘A-YO’, and ‘Perfect Illusion.’
   One of my favorite tracks is “A-YO.” The song starts with gritty vocals that are seen throughout the album. The chorus of the song is what brings listeners in. After a quick guitar riff, the tempo picks up and Gaga certainly makes it difficult not to get up and dance. The track could simply be described as a catchy, vocally driven rock anthem.

   “Million Reasons,” on the other hand, is a much slower track, with a piano and Gaga’s vocals being the main forces of the song. The song, which describes the hardship of leaving a difficult relationship for one’s own benefit, delivers a powerful message to listeners of putting yourself in front of other influences that may be holding you back.
With powerful vocals and moving messages, “Joanne” appeals to anyone who has an ear for pop with a country flare.