SPF Varsity Hockeys Loses to Westfield


photo by Jack Hosmer
The boys varsity hockey team lost a crucial game against biggest rival Westfield on Sunday, Jan. 10 with a final score of 3-0.
The team came into the game with positive vibes from last year’s victory still fresh in their heads, but the strong attitude and strong players were not enough to overcome the Blue Devils.
“I think we played really well,” said freshmen Will White, “all around our hustle was there but we couldn’t produce the amount of shots we needed to win the game”.
In the first period the Raiders drew three penalties, limiting scoring opportunities. Although senior goalie Tim Mitchell was pounded with shots, he didn’t allow the puck through the pipes with tight goaltending, making stellar saves left and right while keeping the game knotted at 0-0 .
When the Raiders came out of the locker room in the second period they looked like a different team. Big hits by Scotch Plains sparked battles all over the ice. Westfield became disrupted from the new energy from SPF and drew an early penalty. The power play for the Raiders could not be converted  and the game went on with Westfield winning 1-0.
At the twelve minute mark the Raiders had to deal with being a man down themselves. The Blue Devils took control of the opportunity and scored another goal making the score 2-0 at 11:24 in the second period.
Scotch Plains went on to struggle in creating chances and could not put a goal on the board for the rest of the period.
The third period started and the Raiders were hoping to get an early goal to get back in the game. Although Scotch Plains had so good, early offense, Westfield put their lead up to three with 13:25 left.  SPF continued attacking Westfield with crushing hits and a strong forecheck but it seemed like nothing was working. 
The game ended as a defeat for the Raiders in this cross-town rivalry game. It was a hard game to lose for the Raiders, junior Jared Figueroa said “ The game was upsetting but it was the most ready our team has ever been.We just need to get our breakout and forecheck to improve then we will be deadly”.
No one is happy about the defeat against Westfield said senior captain Nick Cassera, “I am obviously not happy about the outcome of yesterday’s game and it is always tough losing to a cross town-rival, especially when everyone is giving it their all out on the ice.”