Fall Sports Awards wrap up an impressive season


Blake Mackey

On Dec. 2nd, 2015, the Fall Sports Awards was held to honor the achievements of the fall varsity athletes. These players were recognized for both their athletic achievements and their work off the field. They were commemorated for their leadership skills and positive attitudes, even while going through a potentially rough season. No matter what the situation, these athletes always kept their cool and demonstrated their Raider pride.
The hard work and determination of the students was rewarded not only at this event, but through the honors received through competition. “All of the SPF fall teams performed great, especially the soccer team for making it all the way to Union County finals,” Jason Acevedo, Varsity Cross Country athlete, said. The athletes show what it means to be a varsity athlete and what it means to be a Raider — hard work, determination and passion. Congratulations to all fall varsity athletes who were honored in the event, and hopefully future Raiders will continue to put in the same effort as the ones honored at the Fall Sports Awards.

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