Fall Preview: Marching Band


The band practices behind the fields under the direction of staff member Katie Westerland and Drum Major Kaavya Krishna-Kumar.

Photo by Ian MacPherson

This year marks the beginning of a new age for the SPF Raiders Marching Band. Last year, the band revealed that they would be moving up from the 6A to the 6 Open class of their competitive circuit, USBands. The most elite tier of USBands, 6 Open is an exciting new chapter for the marching band. With this new class comes all new competitors, a revamped 3 part show, a foray into the super-elite Bands of America circuit, and a new annual competition called the USBands Cadets Challenge.
Equally exciting as the new ranking is the show itself. With its Persian theme, Raiders can look forward to moving platforms, flying weapons, Led Zeppelin and more. Drawing inspiration from the famous Persian folktale The 1001 Nights, the show juggles risk-taking with storytelling and the mysteries of the night.
On all fronts, it appears that the Marching Band is in for an enticing journey of discovery this year. Drum major Kaavya Krishna-Kumar summed up the band’s attitude: “We work very hard and love what we do.”
The Fanscotian interviewed Drum Major Kaavya Krishna-Kumar to see how the marching band is progressing.
Ian – General Idea of how this show will be different this year.
Kaavya – Our show this year has kind of a Persian theme to it, we have things from Scheherazade, which is a really famous marching band show and Kashmir by led zeppelin, he’s playing in it too. Really excited because we are a Six Open Band  instead of a Six A Band which is more competitive. The music is great because we have three parts and we’re really looking forward to it.
Ian – Is there anything specific/exciting in the sections this year.
Kaavya – We’re working really hard. It’s different because it’s a lot shorter this year. So we are really focusing on the three sections. We have really awesome props that we are using. There are going to be platforms that move around. Other than that it is the same old marching band.
Are there any new competitions or competitors now that you are in Six Open?
Kaavya – Well there are going to be completely different bands. I’m not sure specifically which we will be competing against. But this year we will be competing in a different circuit. Usually we are with U.S. bands. This year we are doing one competition with Bands of America which is a super elite competitive circuit.
Ian – Do you have anything else to add?
Kaavya – Marching Band is great. We work very hard and love what we do.


Video by Ian MacPherson