Mirabella appointed as new Scotch-Plains town manager

Al Mirabella, Fanwood resident and current Union County Freeholder, was appointed as Scotch Plains township manager on Jan. 1. He was appointed by Mayor Kevin Glover and the Scotch Plains Council, which has a newly elected Democratic majority.

The position of township manager has been volatile in recent years; Scotch Plains has had four managers over the course of six years. He expects, however, that he will bring the stability that the local government has lacked. “I have a good understanding of the needs of the community, and I do hope that I can be here for a long time,” said Mirabella.

Mirabella also hopes to use his appointment to bridge some of the divides within Scotch Plains government. Township council meetings in recent years have been marked by a lack of decorum among local residents and council members alike, and occasionally shouting matches have occurred.

However, Mirabella remains very optimistic about Scotch Plains’ future, with plans in the near future to redevelop the downtown and increase investment in the town. “Scotch Plains is a town with a lot of potential,” said Mirabella.