Amazing Spider-Man 2 captures attention of romance and action fans

by Bella Bernardo
The success of the first Amazing Spider-Man movie set high expectations for Amazing Spiderman 2, which was released in May. The sequel certainly lives up to its hype.
Andrew Garfield returns playing Peter Parker, but he lacks many of the sarcastic lines that were an integral part of his character in the first movie. Although Garfield is not as witty this time around, his physical attractiveness, constant swinging from New York City skyscrapers to save the citizens below him, and his romance with Gwen (Emma Stone) keep the movie from becoming boring.
   The chemistry in Garfield and Stone’s off-screen romance is evident throughout the film, making their relationship as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy more authentic. Their romantic involvement is also a larger focus in this film than it is in the first.
“Although the film is an action movie, it is well balanced with the focus on Peter and Gwen’s relationship,” said junior Arianna Correa.
One of the villains featured in this movie is Electro, played by Jamie Foxx. Foxx vividly executes his character as a creepy, Spider-Man-obsessed nerd.
However, Electro is a unique villain because he eventually becomes a character that viewers have sympathy for, rather than the typical villain that viewers want to see Spider-Man take down. This is a nice change from the traditional superhero-villain dynamic.
“Jamie Foxx’s character was a great tragic villain, and his performance never faltered throughout the entire film,” said sophomore Sean Cheney.
Another highlight of this movie is the return appearance of Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), also known as the Green Goblin. Osborn’s resurfacing is a plot twist, making the film unusual in having Spider-Man fight two villains in a single film.
Another aspect of this movie that differs from the others is the constant flashbacks to Peter’s past, the frequency of which detract from many of the movie’s exciting action scenes and interesting plot line.
Aside from this one annoyance, overall, Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a success that lives up to the expectations set by the first Amazing Spider-Man.
The film truly has something to offer for all. “I would strongly recommend this movie to anyone who likes action, romance, and amazing heroes,” said sophomore Nathan Graham.