Cheerleaders to cheer at Philadelphia 76ers game

   The Varsity cheerleading team will be cheering at the Philadelphia 76ers game on March 1. The game is at Wells Fargo stadium in Philadelphia, and the 76ers will be taking on the Washington Wizards at 7:30pm. This night is a special occasion for basketball fans as well, as 76ers legend Allen Iverson will have his jersey retired during halftime. Iverson played Point Guard for the 76ers for 10 years, and was revered around the league for his crossover dribble. Tickets can be purchased from any cheerleader for 35 dollars until Jan. 15. Of the total cost, five dollars from each ticket purchased will go back to benefit the cheerleading team. The cheerleaders can be seen cheering outside the stadium before the game on the 11th street atrium on the concourse. Students with any questions about the game should contact Melinda Toto.