Kickstarter offers hope to fans of canceled TV shows

by Ryan Romaine
Thanks to the efforts of fans on the crowd-sourcing site, the popular television show Veronica Mars, canceled by the CW in 2007, might be making a comeback in the form of a movie .

Kickstarter allows people to donate money to creative projects in exchange for exclusive rewards such as T-shirts and signed posters.  The Veronica Mars movie reached its goal of $2 million in a single day (a record for Kickstarter), and raised more than $5.7 million within a month, paving the way for the return of the detective as played memorably by actress Kristen Bell.
The news has given hope to fans who want to see the stories of their favorite television characters continue.
Among the television shows rumored to be using Kickstarter to fund a movie version in the near future is the football series Friday Night Lights, canceled by NBC in 2011 after five seasons.
“I would bring back Friday Night Lights because there is no sports show that is that realistic and that dramatic,” said senior Annie Cannone.
Other students would resurrect shows from more than a decade ago, such as their favorite cartoons and sitcoms.
“I would bring back My Wife & Kids.  The cast’s use of improvisation really paid off,” said junior Sal Bhakuni.
Despite the success story of Veronica Mars, use of Kickstarter by Hollywood creators has its fair share of critics.  Actor Zach Braff courted controversy for using the site to raise $2 million from fans for his directorial follow-up to Garden State when he could have used traditional means of raising money through producers.
However, thanks to the efforts of Kickstarter investors, more fan favorites may be given a second chance at life.
What shows would you bring back? 
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