Pita Grill offers French and Middle Eastern dishes

by Paige Heiden
Pita Grill and Creperie opened in downtown Westfield in December, serving made-from-scratch Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food with cultural influences from America and France.
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The restaurant serves classic Mediterranean dishes such as gyros and falafels.  Gyros are sandwiches made with fresh meat served in pita bread with vegetables and dressings, while falafels are deep-fried, spiced and mashed chickpeas.
Pitas are a delicious, inexpensive choice for students.  They vary from the more traditional Mediterranean pitas to American versions like the California pita that includes grilled chicken, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, avocado and chipotle mayonnaise for $8.49. The chipotle sauce adds an incendiary flavor to the vegetables and grilled chicken.  The Mediterranean pitas include choices such as beef shawarma, which is seasoned meat grilled on a spit.
The fresh Mediterranean food is low in fat and high in nutritional value.  For instance, chickpeas are high in protein, while garlic can lower cholesterol.   Pita Grill also offers gluten-free crepes for patrons following a strict diet.
“My wrap was so delicious and fresh,” said senior Jessie Klein, who ate at Pita Grill shortly after its grand opening.  “I also felt good eating it because it was healthy.”
The French side of the menu features sweet and savory crepes.  The thin, light dessert pancakes are filled with a variety of fruits such as strawberry, banana and apple, and syrups such as honey.  The dessert crepes provide a sweet alternative to the saltiness in the Mediterranean options. Savory crepe choices include smoked salmon and grilled chicken.
“The most popular orders coming in are the falafels and crepes by far,” said manager Sam Gowayed.
“My s’more crepe was worth every penny, and I would go back again for those crepes,” said sophomore Auva Dariani. The s’more crepe includes Nutella, a chocolate hazelnut spread, graham crackers and marshmallows.
Crepes are as cheap as $6.50, with additional toppings such as bananas, strawberries, and coconut for 50 cents to $1 each.
The restaurant has a large windowed front and contemporary, ample lighting.  Through the windows, the large Nutella containers can be seen on surrounding shelves.
“The atmosphere is nice – it gave off a cool, modern feel when I walked in,” said sophomore Jacob Salem.
This restaurant will surely be a success, as it is attractive to  those who need to grab an affordable meal that  is out-of-the-ordinary and full of flavor.
“It is quick and convenient. Whenever my family and I are in the mood for some Middle Eastern food again, we will go back,” said Salem.
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