The Ravens and Beyonce give a lights-out performance; Key plays, commercials and the halftime show highlight the Raven’s 34-31 victory

by Stephanie Araneo, Brian Burns, Connor Danik, Sara Lombardi, Mike Rempter, Trevor Skanes and Connor Smith
Best Offensive Plays
Down 31-23 in the fourth quarter, Colin Kaepernick had to scramble out of the pocket. Kaepernick’s power and speed helped him score a 15-yard touchdown, breaking the record for the longest rushing touchdown by a quarterback in Super Bowl history.

The second Jacoby Jones touchdown, a 108-yard kickoff return to start the second half, tied the Super Bowl record for the longest kick return. The Ravens needed to reassert their dominance and the touchdown did just that, putting the game out of reach for the 49ers.
Best Defensive Plays
With 4:10 left in the third quarter, Ravens running back Ray Rice was stripped of the ball by 49ers defender Tarell Brown. The change in possession gave the 49ers an opportunity to tie the game and complete their comeback.
The Ravens forced an incomplete pass to 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree on fourth down and five yards to regain possession of the ball with 1:26 left in the fourth quarter. The stop was controversial, as spectators and 49ers players expected a pass interference call, but none was made.
Most Valuable Players
Kaepernick gave the 49ers a chance to win, leading the offense in a 22-point rally in the second half. The quarterback completed 16 of 28 passes for 302 yards, ran seven times for 62 yards and scored two touchdowns.
Jacoby Jones should be the MVP. He had two huge touchdowns, one on a tremendous 56-yard catch late in the first half and the other on the kickoff-return to start the second half.
Beyonce’s Halftime Show
Beyonce opened the halftime show rising up on platform, with a smoke machine, light display, and fireworks. She sang “Love On Top,” then smoothly transitioned into “Crazy In Love.”  Despite Jay-Z being a no-show, her performance did not disappoint. Her insane dance routines continued through the next two songs and when she danced in front of a huge screen, it  created the illusion that she was  multiplying.
Former Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined Beyonce to sing the group’s hit songs. They were given little time to shine, so it was very evident who the real star of the performance was.
It was no surprise that Beyonce gave such an incredible performance, but this was truly entertaining. She brought serious girl power to the Super Bowl and seemed genuinely grateful to be there.
While Beyonce’s performance was explosive, she didn’t actually cause the 38-minute blackout.
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