Downtown adds new dining option with Osaka Sushi; Combination of classic rolls, new choices and innovative presentation pleases critics

by Sara Lombardi
The restaurant creating a lot of buzz around town is the new Osaka Sushi.  Located on Park Avenue next to Main Star, Osaka offers a wide variety of classic and
unique rolls from the sushi bar as well as different Japanese appetizers and entrees from the kitchen.
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The Fanscotian sent four reporters, seniors Stephanie Araneo and Mary Ellen Cagnassola and juniors Arielle Zuaro and Sara Lombardi, to see whether Osaka is really living up to the hype.
First Impressions
Arielle: It’s pretty small in here, but it seems cozy.
Sara: Yeah, there are only a few tables in here so at least it’s not too crowded.
Mary Ellen: I love the authentic Asian feel of the décor too.
Quality of Food
Stephanie: These are undeniably the freshest ingredients I have had from local sushi restaurants.
Mary Ellen: I agree! The menu  is so varied and unique and all the flavors came together nicely. It’s absolutely delicious!
Arielle: I think the Osaka roll is especially good because the crunchy tempura adds a nice change of texture and a slight spice. The flavors in this sushi really pop.
Stephanie: The Sweetie Roll stands out in my opinion. The contrasting flavors of the sweet mango and the salty salmon surprisingly mix together nicely.
Sara: I think that both the classic rolls, such as the California Roll and the Spicy Tuna Roll, and these unique rolls are equally delicious.  There are choices for adventurous customers and those who are more timid.
Sara: The presentation adds to the overall experience here.  Everything on my dish is so fun and colorful.
Mary Ellen: You can  tell they put time into setting up the plate to  really maximize the sushi’s aesthetic quality.
Arielle: The flower garnishes are a great classy touch and the light- up ice cube hidden under the plate of sushi is distinctive.
Stephanie: The vibrant colors definitely mirror the diverse flavors in the  sushi.  It is clear the ingredients are all fresh, from the green seaweed to the pink salmon.
Overall Experience
Mary Ellen: This place is really a gem in an otherwise boring downtown area. I hope they keep up the great food and service.
Sara: I agree. Even though there are a lot of sushi restaurants around here, Osaka stands out.
Arielle: I really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Osaka Sushi is a great addition to downtown Scotch Plains.