Fall into this season’s fashions

by Mia Rossi
Before sending your summer wardrobe to the attic, consider blending warm-weather clothes into fall trends. Sundresses, short-sleeved shirts and bright colors can be worn with typical autumn apparel right through November. Recycling clothing into new outfits saves money, time and stress at the start of each season.

Layer the looks
“Layering is great because it’s super trendy, comfortable and simple to do,” said junior Natalie Smith. Smith pulls off her own layered look by pairing her sundress with a trendy army-green jacket, a neutral-colored scarf, and a pair of brown leather combat boots. Smith completes this look by pulling her hair into a top-knot.
Balance pastels and bright summer hues with muted shoes, preferably boots for autumn, and  solid-colored, lightweight jackets or cardigans. High socks that peek over the top of the boot will add a touch of warmth resulting in a more fall-like look.
Pop the color
Jeans in neons and other summery colors were a popular trend this summer. Junior Samantha Stratton demonstrates an easy way to balance these vivid jeans with a neutral-colored top and belt, but chooses a pair of gray Toms sneakers to ensure that her pink jeans are the focus of her outfit.
A gold or silver piece of jewelry will enhance the desired bright look without overwhelming the entire outfit. Alternatives to traditional denim blue jeans for fall include colors such as forest green, red and dark purple. Wear them with blazers, denim jackets or lightweight sweaters. To achieve a bolder look, try pairing colored jeans with a patterned top such as a floral or animal print.
Try two trends
Junior Christopher Centinaro, right, and senior Tyler Merriman model ways to sport more than one autumn tip. Centinaro’s bright blue sneakers provide a focus point in his outfit and they  stand out against the muted colors in the rest of his outfit. This simple, yet stylish cardigan allows him to wear his short- sleeved shirts in colder seasons.
Every once in a while, the days are still warm enough to wear shorts. Merriman shows how to pull off this counter-intuitive style. He offsets his shorts with a warm flannel, which is a more typical shirt for fall.
Girls can easily wear their summer shorts or skirts in the fall by layering them over tights or stockings and pairing them with short ankle boots.
Maxi-mize style
Sophomore Auva Dariani models a maxi dress in a cool, coral-blue color. Maxi dresses and skirts were a trend that exploded this past summer, appearing in various styles, colors, and patterns. Dariani pulls of the simple side of this look with a solid-colored dress that can be paired with just about anything, making it a perfect piece to reinvent for the fall season.
Keep maxi-skirts alive during the fall by adding a pullover sweater and a pair of brown or black ankle-high leather boots. Consider wearing a solid-colored sweater or top if your maxi skirt is patterned. A summer shirt can be worn with your maxi-skirt if a slouchy sweater or cardigan is added as another layer. Shorter dresses can be worn with leggings or tights and a scarf.