Opposite day comes and goes once more


Lenore Ferguson

Surprise, surprise it is opposite day. Not many know, but as much as opposite day is joked about, there is a legitimate day where everything is flipped upside down and turned inside out, and today is that day.
Although many people do not know about the exact day or what is celebrated exactly, except of course the retired (or not so retired) SpongeBob viewer, this day has transitioned from silly playground talk to a having a day designated to wearing clothes inside out and saying the opposite of what one means.
Shannon Downey, a sophomore explained how she had not heard of opposite day before being questioned about it.
“I haven’t heard about Opposite Day in the past and did not celebrate it [in the past],” Downey said.
The exact origin of opposite day is unclear, but the most reasonable assumption is it escalated from playground talk to a more “serious”, national holiday.
Celebrating opposite day is not the most difficult of tasks, but it does require effort. Small actions people take on opposite day are saying the opposite of what they mean. For example saying left when in reality they mean right or, visa versa.
If people wish to take opposite day to extremes, they can reverse the whole process of their day by doing their daily routine the opposite as usual. Eating dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner is also a frequently practiced option.
Some consider opposite day as an unnecessary holiday.
“I don’t know [opposite day’s purpose]. I think Opposite Day is kind of dumb and doesn’t have [much of] a purpose,” Downey said.
The exact purpose of opposite day is still unknown. No matter the point of view, opposite day is a fun, light hearted holiday for all ages.